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Master Your Body with Smart Meal Planning

Take control of your journey to shed fat and build muscle with our easy-to-use meal planning site! Plan your meals for the week ahead without hassle, and watch as your body transforms. Achieve your goals and enjoy the process of becoming a healthier version of yourself. Join our community today, and every extra member of your household can join for FREE!

How It Works

Step 1

Add Your Physical Stats

Step 2

Pick or Customize
Your Macro Schedule

Step 3

Pick Recipes for
the Week Ahead

Step 4

Get Your Grocery List
and Start Cooking

Meal Planning Made Easy

6 Day Meals helps fitness enthusiasts and body builders achieve lower body fat composition by giving them the tools to dial in their nutrition with their meal plans in an easy, time saving, manner.

Meal Prep for Every Diet



Macros per serving


Special diets (Gluten-free, kosher, vegan, etc.)


Breakfast, lunch and dinner


Specific ingredients

Meal Planning for the Whole Family

Nourishing your family just got easier. Create a meal plan uniquely tailored for each person in your household. You can meet your macros while feeding the whole family.


Customize Your Plan

Your meal plan is based on

The number of people you're cooking for.

The number of days you want to plan.

Your daily macronutrient needs.

Want to eat more protein on lifting days? You got it.

Take the Stress Out of Shopping


Your Perfect Grocery List is Here

Once you finalize your meal plan, 6DayMeals generates yourgrocery shopping list. It's simple to follow, and ensuresyou don't let a ton of food go to waste.

Your wallet will thank you!

More Reasons to Love 6DayMeals


Get Your Macros

Muscles are built in the gym but abs are created in the kitchen. Without the correct ratio of macros you could be left in a slump mid workout, or not building muscle when you should be. Use our macro calculator to dial in your nutrition!

Add Your Recipes

You don't have to give up your favorite recipes to use 6DayMeals. If you have a recipe you love, you can add it to the app. It will find the nutrient information for you, and you can include the recipe in your plan anytime.


Calculate Your Calories

Everyone needs a different amount of calories. What you need depends on your personal goals, age, weight, and activity levels. Make sure you're fueling your body correctly with the app's calorie calculator.

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Discover the Difference

Take control of your journey to shed fat and build muscle with our easy-to-use meal planning site! Sign up today risk free, no credit card required for a free 30 day trial!